How I Made Connections in Big TV Networks

Here's how I made connections in TV Networks like an Equestrian TV Station called The Cowboy Channel and Discovery Channel. I've also made connections with TV Hosts/Filmmakers from National Geographic.

1) I joined the tv station at my college to see if I liked Broadcast

I fell in LOVE with being on camera.

2) I knew I had a passion for horses, so I interviewed as many people as I could in the equine field at my college.

I made videos with a camera from the tv station in my free time, drove to school rodeo events, polo events and showjumping as well as practices.

3) I signed up to be a News Reporter and am making a news reel

I got on camera as much as possible and learned videography and how to use Adobe Premiere.

4) I got an internship at a local news station in Colorado

There I made video stand ups to put in my reel

5) I have horse experience such as showjumping and equine therapy.

I've ridden horses since I was 4 years old. Did showjumping in high school and worked/volunteered in equine therapy with children who have mental health disorders and teens who struggle with alcohol abuse/drug addiction.

6) I contacted people in equine media, like The Cowboy Channel through social media.

like Janie Johnson; and explained what kind of horse experience and media experience I had and am learning.

7) I kept in touch with them and honed my skills more by interviewing people from TV Networks, like The Cowboy Channel,  Discovery Channel and National Geographic.  I also saved the tv hosts network on my phone

 This hard work led me to an internship for Discovery Channel!

I now have contacts in equestrian media and people from Discovery Channel and National Geographic

I've learned YOU can really do anything and if you want something bad enough, You can make it happen!Thank you and let me know your experience or if you want more advice or an interview: message me on instagram @remy_kelbel