An Equine Instructor Shares The Benefits Of Equine Therapy

            Fort Collins, Colorado -  Equine Therapy instructor Sharon Butler shares about her career as an Equine Therapy Instructor and how the horse can aid in the clients wellbeing. 

      The Equine Therapy Center at CSU in Fort Collins Colorado helps certain people receive therapeutic riding. 

Sharon Butler, a professor in the Equine Department says “Clients create a bond with the horse and they are much more comfortable talking to the horse than you or I which is one way a horse can facilitate communication skills.”

 Equine therapy can benefit different disorders from Cerebral Palsy to Multiple Scoliosis. One disorder in particular stood out among the rest. 

“I’ve seen the most improvement with people who have Brain Injuries. For example, a gentleman was in a car accident and lost his ability to walk due to the injury and because he rode once a week it helped him regain that function back. So he was not able to walk before but because of equine assisted therapy he now uses a cane or a walker to help with his motor skills.” Said Butler. 

 Horses are excellent body language readers so if someone is tense and uptight the horse will not want to be around that person because those actions are similar to a predator. Horses feel and understand what stress a person is having.  Horses are prey animals so they are very in tune and observant about what is going on around them. Due to CSU having such a great Equine facility teachers and students are able to learn more about the behavior of horses as well as the treatment and happiness they can provide.