What Ultimately Is Most Important To Me

What Ultimately Is Most Important To Me          

 By; Remy Kelbel, 

April; 16, 2023    

Work Philosophy Statement -    

My values and beliefs define who I am, as much as the value of my hard work and my career principalities. I think everyone's career can show the world who you are and what’s important to you. A calling is something more than just a job but what you feel you're meant to do. This meaning reaches not just your career but your intrinsic values.  

But I’d say my career is not the most important thing in my life. I enjoy my hobbies, outside of my desire for a certain career, like my health, fitness and faith.  All of this may seem minuscule, but I think it is vital in the outcome of who you become as a person. We really need to understand that our career does not even define half of who we are. Your career should motivate you into a purpose beyond just work.  

“I think if a career feels like work, you’ve missed the mark entirely and while we all need to be able to earn and have a stable income. It should no means, take away from who you are and the reason you strive to determine what you stand for.. Even as I am writing I am aware that this advice is for myself primarily, as going into a new career is daunting in and of itself, Ryan Mitchell, a personal trainer, had told me.

My mom, a flight attendant for American Airlines explained the importance of finding yourself outside your work and not letting it define who you are.

“I’ve been a flight attendant for 25 years and through that time, the airline industry has changed substantially before 9/11 and afterwards. But, I have learned not to let certain obstacles become the center behind my purpose and to decide to define my purpose for myself.”

Through several discussions with these individuals, I have learned I can make work something of a greater good, through interviewing and talking to people about their lives. I can learn how each individual I come into contact with grows and learns within their purpose, thus affecting my own for the better.

A great example of this that connects to the  media product below is a young woman named Caitlin Charlton. To my surprise, I had found Caitlin in my climbing gym and understood her struggles and how climbing was a way out of that.
“I love getting out and being active, is one of the biggest things that kind of helps me in my day to day life maintain a sense of stability.,” Charlton said.